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We asked developers, buyers, and decision makers

from a variety of industries on the topic

of industrial image processing.

The answers have been quite interesting...

54 percent of survey participants

could imagine starting with image processing, in case
  • the programming gets easier,
  • there are little efforts while realizing and using a product, and
  • fewer special knowledge is required.
Nevertheless, outsourcing is not an option. 56 percent of survey participants confirmed that they want to solve image processing tasks on their own.

Solving image processing tasks easily without any special knowledge?

This is no longer a contradiction...

...with mvBlueGEMINI

the Smart Camera.

What makes the mvBlueGEMINI so unique...

... compared to other smart cameras?


1. Plug & work

  • No installation
  • Get started right away using a browser on tablet, smartphone and PC

2. In three steps to the application

  • 1. Record image
  • 2. Select and set tools
  • 3. Define analysis results

  • Time and cost saving
  • User interface reduced to the essential

3. "Everything in view"

  • Observing on-going inspection from the office
  • Checking the production quality at the coffee machine

4. Matching hardware and software

  • Powerful processor
  • High-res and sensitive sensor
  • Hardware supported image compression for browser live images
  • And much more

5. Customizing possible

  • GUI design can be adapted
  • Languages can be selected

6. Extendable using customer specific tools

  • User-defined tools can be developed, included and parameterized

7. Wizards shorten development times

  • Tasks can be teached
  • Right algorithms are chosen
  • Matching parameters are set
  • Image processing know-how is, consequently, not an absolute requirement

8. Small, handy device

  • The integration into an application is not a big deal
  • Power supply via LAN cable possible

9. Live support possible

  • We can log on to your system and
  • help to improve your configuration

10. Powered by HALCON

  • Comprehensive, efficient, and stable algorithms
  • Combination of these algorithms to useful high-level image processing tools
  • For mvBlueGEMINI hardware optimized algorithms
  • Comprehensive usage of multi-core architecture

Did we spark your interest?

Then you are one of 95 %, that can imagine using a smart camera.

The best way to implement a new inspection application...

... faster and more intuitive: the smart camera mvBlueGEMINI.

Try out now:

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